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It doesn't matter what you fly, your maintenance records are worth up to 50% of your aircraft's value. Back them up and digitize them... realize the full potential of your maintenance records.
Simplify Away From Mess & Stress Benefits of Digital Maintenance Records
Digital maintenance records are a powerful tool. They protect your aircraft against loss of value, can make selling an aircraft significantly easier, and much more.
Comprehensive Comprehensive Reports
We extract every single installed part and every single inspection conducted on the aircraft to generate comprehensive reports for you. Still interested in paper? No problem! Receive an elegant hardcopy binder with your transcribed records, documents, and more!
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Owners/operators on our platform, individual pilots, and FBO's nationwide can participate in PlaneLogiX's nationwide referral program. Receive free transcription credits, cash or advertising opportunities for referrals! Please reach out to us to learn more.
I most definitely believe having the PlaneLogiX logbooks was a great benefit in facilitating the sale of my aircraft. It was primarily in anticipation of a future sale that I purchased your service. The first thing every prospective buyer wants to see is the logbooks. Having them online and in PDF format works beautifully. Thanks for the good service.
- James Blackwell, Beechcraft F33A Former Owner
I wish to report an unexpected and clear benefit from the PlaneLogiX records that I purchased 2 years ago. My 1984 PA-46 Piper Malibu has 3400 hours total time and 550 hours on its third engine. This model has a Gar-Kenyan hydraulic pump to operate the landing gear and flaps. On a recent 8 hour round trip flight to New England it developed recurrent hydraulic pump shutdown due normal operation of the hydraulic pump safety shutdown circuit. The hydraulic fluid level was slightly low at my first stop and, after filling it, did not decrease during subsequent stops. This suggests an internal leak. My PlaneLogiX records nicely show replacement of the hydraulic pump O-rings in 2001, 2006, and 2011. My next annual inspection is scheduled in early August. This definitely helped with troubleshooting. My mechanic will complete repairs this week. ‚ÄčI thought you'd enjoy hearing about another clear benefit from your system. Keep up the good work.
-Jim Yankaskas, Former MMOPA President... Piper Malibu Owner
The logbooks for my 1993 TBM were a mess, just given all myriad of entries over the years, various forms and tickets, service centers involved, etc. Reviewing the history of the airframe, engine and avionics was a real challenge. Signing up for PlaneLogiX was not only easy, but has been a great experience. Everything has been high quality, the company is very responsive, and I believe the value of my airplane has increased because future buyers can see exactly what they are buying. I'm a happy customer and recommend the service to anyone.
-Matt Desch, SOCATA TBM 700 Owner
Recently I purchased an '81 Beech F33A which has over 4,000 TT hours, with extensive log books and maintenance records. Since these documents are irreplaceable, I thought it would be a good idea to make photocopies of everything. But then I saw an ad on the Bonanza Society web page for PlaneLogiX. Given the daunting nature of trying to duplicate everything myself, I decided to investigate the service provided by PlaneLogiX. This turned out to be the best money I have ever spent on the airplane. They copied everything, transcribed the data into a digital document and even verified the 337's on file with the FAA. I am totally impressed with the job they did and I have peace of mind knowing that I have multiple backups of all my records. I wholeheartedly recommend this service to other airplane owners.
- James Blackwell, Beechcraft F33A Owner
Rob and his team at PlaneLogiX have developed a great product. Their meticulous attention to detail and logical presentation organized my 25+ years of maintenance records into one easy to use binder and web site that will allow my mechanic quick and easy access to all critical maintenance data.
- T. Canterbury, Beechcraft A36 Owner
This Spring I signed up for the Bonanza/Baron Pilot Proficiency course and met the people from PlaneLogiX. I had been looking for a way to easily copy and store my growing bag of aircraft logbooks. I wanted some method that I could dynamically update and after I talked with them, I immediately realized that they had a product that was not only something I was looking for but much more. They scanned my entire library of records in a few hours. Since then I have received not only a much better organized, hard copy but a completely digitized record. I shared this with my A & P and, even being somewhat "old school" he was immediately sold on the product as well as the ease by which we will be able to update going forward. PlaneLogiX has a product that is the right tool at the right time for the General Aviation pilot/owner.
- John Moorehouse, M.D., Beechcraft A36 Owner
First, let me say that I appreciate the work you have done. Second, you could have done a very basic job and called it quits, but the fact that you worked with me to make everything professional looking shows me how much you care and want to present a superb product.
- Montgomery Lee, Ph.D., Cirrus SR22 Owner
I have had my hands on their finished product. Very impressive and professional. It is crazy to me how anyone would want to own an airplane in this day but still manage their logbooks the same way it was done in the 1950s.
- Theodore Robert Wright III
Wow, what a great job! I love the briefcase and the binder - they are first class and very classy! Count on me for a recommendation any time!
- Paul Himes, Piper Malibu PA-46-310P Owner