About Us

Our Story

One of our co-founders discovered through his aircraft ownership experience that there simply was no aircraft management service available to him for a reasonable price. After months of thinking, planning and tinkering, PlaneLogiX was born through in-house development.

Since our beta launch at Sun 'N' Fun in the Spring of 2014, we have listened to our customers to build the system they want and need. We will continue to listen to our customer's needs and suggestions because we believe that our customer is our strongest asset and ally.

We see first hand that having a transparent picture of an aircraft and its maintenance history is critical to any current owner, prospective buyer, broker, insurance agency, bank and just about anyone else who sets foot inside the aircraft.

We provide an efficient service with an emphasis on maximizing quality. Accuracy is paramount, and whether we are converting logbooks for a pre-buy inspection, a post-buy service, a present owner, or a potential future owner, we always put our client’s interest before our own. Join us and change the way you mangage your airplane forever.

Why You Should Join Us

From vintage piston airplanes through modern turboprops, we have packages designed for you.

Personal Use


Business Use


Professional Operations


Advanced and customizable solutions for the discerning owner who wants the most out of their ownership experience.


Synchronize and simplify your ownership experience. Grant Read-Only access for day-to-day maintenance or when it comes time to sell.


Powerful and secure... Our cloud-based platform serves as both a backup point and a place to manage your aircraft.
From scanning and organizing your documents, all the way through selling your airplane... we have your back!
From scanning and organizing your documents, all the way through selling your airplane... we have your back!

10 Reasons To Backup...

  • Large Loss in Value
  • AD Compliance
  • SB Compliance
  • Parts & Inspections
  • Weight & Balance
  • Overhauls
  • Airworthiness Certificate
  • FAA Inspectors
  • Logbook Research
  • Complete Inspection


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