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We have services ranging from a complete scan and back up of your logbooks to full parts and inspection tracking. We break up our levels of service into three tiers:

  • SimpleScan
  • ScanScription
  • Premium ScanScription
The SimpleScan service is primarily a professional scan and backup of your logbooks with a digital copy made available for download in your account on our Web Portal. Optionally users may have their logbooks printed and receive our Executive Binder with Custom Name Plate.
Every page is mylar reinforced. To choose this service, use our sign up form and leave the hours for us to transcribe set to 0.

The ScanScription service includes the SimpleScan service and transcription of your maintenance entries. This means your logbooks will be handtyped by our team (not by a computer!) so that they are fully searchable. Optionally users may choose Document Organization
too. To choose this service, use our sign up form and tell us how many hours you would like for us to transcribe. You can do any combination, such as all, the most recent 1,000 hours, or the oldest 1,000 hours.

The Premium ScanScription services includes all of the above and sets itself apart with tracking of life limited parts and inspections. This means you can have comprehensive reporting (see below) and e-mail alerts letting you and your mechanic know well ahead of time when a part or inspection is coming due. To choose this service, use our sign up form and tell us how many hours you would like for us to transcribe. Then make sure to check the box for Installed Parts and Inspections.

Ongoing Services and Do It Yourself

We have flexible options to handle your records going forward for new and old planes alike. Our powerful tools that we use in-house are available too if you prefer to do everything on your own. To learn more about our services, go to our sign up form and click "Do-It-Yourself" at the top.

Reports Overview

There is much utility that we can generate from your logbooks. Your transcription will enable the most transparent look into your aircraft's maintenance than you've ever before seen. The reports we are able to make will keep you safer in the skies, and allow your mechanics to do their jobs more efficiently than before. Some benefits include:

  • Organization: Standard and Premium ScanScription customers receive a new bag, complete with a tabbed hardcopy binder with their scanned and transcribed records and reports, an internal file system to keep you organized for years to come, a thumbdrive with your saved records in PDF format, an ID tag for your mechanic, and more.
  • Transparency: Your logbooks will be brought to a new level of transparency. Reduce the amount of time it takes for your mechanic to find critical items by well over 90%. There's power in technology.
  • Flexibility: Continue using your logs as you've always used them. Upload new records into the cloud by yourself and transcribe them to keep costs down, or have us transcribe them for you. We can generate reports for you as often as you'd like.
  • Value Add: Time to sell? This service will separate your aircraft from the rest on the market. Upload your PDF binder to whatever aircraft broker you desire and attract buyers. Never send your physical logbooks to a mechanic for a pre-buy again.

The list goes on, but you can easily see how much value this service adds to your aircraft ownership experience.