Squawk Manager

We're excited to announce a brand new Squawk Manager module available to all of our users at no additional cost. Use the Squawk Manager to keep track of current and previous aircraft issues, as well as a wish list for upcoming projects.

Creating squawks has never been easier!

After logging in, you can make a squawk and notify your mechanic via email in less than 30 seconds! As always, we provide you with an easy to use form that guides you through each squawk. Simply add a description, squawk date, squawk TTAF, and you're done! Optionally, e-mail any shared user so they are notified of your squawk. Don't have any shared users, like mechanics or co-owners? Adding them is easy and free!

Want to take things offline? With just a click, download your entire squawk list to excel!

See it in action!


Making a squawk takes as little as 30 seconds. We guide you through each squawk, making it easy and simple - just the way it should be.


Optionally, your squawks can seamlessly integrate with any shared users or maintenance shops that use our platform.


Share your squawks with anyone you want, completely free. You and your shared user can edit and work on the squawk together.

10 Reasons To Backup...

  • Large Loss in Value
  • AD Compliance
  • SB Compliance
  • Parts & Inspections
  • Weight & Balance
  • Overhauls
  • Airworthiness Certificate
  • FAA Inspectors
  • Logbook Research
  • Complete Inspection